Franke CombiSlim - the electrical storage water heater / geyser can be installed by vertical wall mount or horizontal floor mount or horizontal wall mount position.

The Franke geyser is IPX4 rated according to an international standard. This rating classifies the geyser as splash resistant and suitable for installation outside and even be exposed to rain. This means the geyser can be installed where easy access can be gained for maintenance and replacement. Having the geyser outside not only frees up space inside the dwelling but also mitigates water damage caused by plumbing failures.

CombiSlim Geysers | 50L / 100L / 150L

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CombiSlim Geyser 100L


R 2,949.00 incl. VAT
CombiSlim Geyser 150L


R 3,089.00 incl. VAT
CombiSlim Geyser 50L


R 2,799.00 incl. VAT