Our comprehensive range includes genuine spares for the Hydroboil, BoilTaps, HydroTap, Zip Chillers and the Zip Filtration. We are proud to stock all Franke Zip spares online. For older Zip Model spares not found below, please inquire and we will arrange your Zip Spares.

ZIP Spares | Hydroboil, BoilTaps, HydroTap, Chillers

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3.0 kW Element Kit | Zip Hydroboil


R 459.00 incl. VAT
Float Valve Kit Complete


R 609.00 incl. VAT
HydroTap Font & Drainer Tray

Drainer Tray

R 3,069.00 incl. VAT
HydroTap Font Tap extension

Tap Extension

R 1,269.00 incl. VAT
HydroTap Hot Pump | Pump Only

Valve Kit

R 1,359.00 incl. VAT
Inline Zip Water Purification Kit for Hydroboil

Zip Filtration Kit

R 2,049.00 incl. VAT
Jumper Valve Seal & Float

Valve Kit

R 299.00 incl. VAT
Jumper Valve Seal Kit

Valve Kit

R 139.00 incl. VAT
Pilot Light Kit

Pilot Light

R 159.00 incl. VAT
Reset Overload Switch | 5 Pack

Overload Switch

R 749.00 incl. VAT
Sub Micron Water Filter Cartridge

Zip Filtration Cartridge

R 1,629.00 incl. VAT