HydroBoil 10 Litre White Epoxy

sku: 2610012
Product Description

HydroBoil 10 Litre White Epoxy. Instant boiling water on tap

  • Instant boiling water for tea, coffee, and cooking
  • Designed to operate within 3°C of boiling point with thermal temperature control
  • New energy conserving "Cool Touch" tap provides fingertip control, reduces heat loss and saves energy
  • Two-way tap control for precision filling of cups, locks on for filling pots
  • Fully automatic
  • Steam free
  • White Epoxy finish
  • Able to deliver 50 - 60 cups of boiling water at one time
  • Peak demand-loading is reduced considerably in comparison to traditional kettles and urns
  • Concealed plumbing and electrical connections
  • SABS Approved
  • Optional filtration systems:
  • Zip GlobalPlus Water Filtration Kit Complete - 2330276
  • Replacement Zip GlobalPlus Water Filtration Cartridge 0.2 micron - 6,435 Litres Filtration @ 1.9 Litres per minute - 2330274
  • Saves Time - No more wasted time waiting for water to boil. The Zip HydroBoil provides instant boiling water 24 hours a day for hot beverages and food preparation, at the touch of a lever. Designed to operate withing 3°C of boiling point.
  • Saves Energy - No energy wasted boiling more water than required. Two-way tap control for a cup-full or a teapot-full at a time.
  • Steam Free & Hygienic - Concealed cistern, ensuring the ultimate in hygiene and protecting kitchen cupboards from steam damage.
  • Saves Space - No cluttered worktops - Zip instant boiling water eliminates the need for kettles, urns and exposed power leads.
  • Saves Money - Cost effective to run - thanks to the dual chamber design, recycling the steam to pre-heat the incoming water.
  • Makes 50 - 60 Cups
  • Capacity: 10L
  • Recovery rate per min: 1.5 Cups
  • Element rating: 2.4kW
  • Phase Voltage: Single 220/230V
  • Height: 630mm
  • Width: 340mm
  • Depth: 205mm

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