Zip Chillmaster - Upright Plumbed Water Chiller | With Filter

sku: 2610026
Product Description

Zip Chillmaster - Upright Plumbed Water Chiller | With Filter. An effective way to put chilled water on tap for staff or public access.

  • Upright water chiller plumbed directly to the cold water connection with lever-action carafe filter and bubbler.
  • Fan cooled condenser with a compressor rated at 0.25HP.
  • Carafe filter - chrome plated brass lever action tap with swivel head.
  • Bubbler - Push action.
  • Brushed finish Stainless Steel outer case with front access panel.
  • Filtratration type: Triple-action fully encapsulated, carbon activated filter.
  • Condenser: Fan cooled copper and anluminium finned type.
  • Evaporator: Sealed copper tank. Storage capacity 1.8 litres cooled by a copper coil inside.
  • Refrigerant control: Capillary tube control, no moving parts.
  • Temperature control: Enclosed preset theromstat. Easy accessibility by removing front panel.
  • Capacity: 42L
  • Storage output capacity: Rated at 140 glasses per hour at less than 11°C
  • Wattage: 0.3kW
  • Compressor: Hermatically sealed reciprocating type rated at 0.25HP, 220V, AC 50Hz single phase
  • Height: 905mm
  • Width: 346mm
  • Depth: 346mm

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