Zip G4 Hydrotap II BC Chrome Classic- Boiling / Chilled / Sparkling

sku: 2610270
Product Description

Zip G4 Hydrotap II BC - Boiling / Chilled / Sparkling. Zip HydoTap undercounter instant filtered boiling and chilled water unit. Boiling and chilled filtered water instantly, for workplace kitchens.

  • Superior Zip G4 thermal insulation now significantly reduces standard heat loss.
  • Power-Pulse technology maintains boiling water to within 0.2°C of settemperature.
  • Tap to contain dual boiling and chilled water levers with child safety lock (when activated).
  • Boiling temperature can be pre-set: from 100°C down to 68°C.
  • Inbuilt 24/7 automatic timer turns power on and off over weekends orweekday periods.
  • Power-PulseTM technology. New energy-saving technology applies fullpower to heat boiling water only during periods of heavy use. Cuts back to micro-pulse power during light usage periods or when unused. Also maintains boiling water temperature more precisely than ever achievablebefore.
  • Also reduces accumulation of mineral scale in boilingwater appliances, but does not remove fluoride.
  • Free-Flow bottle filling: for continuing supply of filtered water.
  • The G4 is now even more energy efficient. Unlike water-cooled systems, the Zip HydroTap doesn't waste water.
  • Supplies a maximum of 22 - 25 cups of boiling water at any one time.
  • Supplies a maximum of 18 cups of boiling water at any one time.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Optional extras:
  • Booster Upgrade (80 Cups/hour) 91412 - 2610039
  • Font & drainer tray - 2330200
  • Max boiling cups at any one time: 22 - 25 Cups
  • Max chilled cups at any one time: 18 Cups
  • Element rating: 1.7kW
  • Phase Voltage: Single 230V
  • Height: 333mm
  • Width: 394mm
  • Depth: 464mm

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